Everything You Need to Know About Structured Settlement Annuity Companies

Structured settlements are a great way to receive payments for a variety of reasons, such as accidents, lottery winnings, or legal settlements. Companies that buy structured settlements, also known as factoring companies, provide services to those who sell their structured settlement payments. These companies offer deal owners lump sums of cash in exchange for rights to future payments or parts of future payments. RSL Funding is one of the best structured settlement companies with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

They form partnerships with people to ensure they get the most money in a timely manner. A structured settlement buyer, also known as a factoring company, buys all or part of the structured settlements. CBC Settlement Funds can often provide an immediate lump sum of cash in exchange for entitlement to their future payments. The best structured settlement annuity companies can help you if you want to change smaller regular payments to an upfront cash payment.

The best structured settlement annuity companies are available should you prefer to change the promise of future payments to a lump sum upfront right now. Structured settlement annuity companies are often used by those who have earned their day in court, but want to immediately receive the funds that have been granted to them under any agreement to cover the costs of their legal team. The best structured settlement annuity companies can also be used to make early payments that someone may owe as part of an insurance payment, rather than receiving the money in installments over an extended period of time. It is important to note that no structured settlement annuity service is free and you should expect that the lump sum offered to you will be for a lower value than it would have if you continued to accept the installments under the original agreement.

Wentworth is almost always in the top ten of any list of structured settlement annuity companies. It has existed since 1991 and offers a sense of stability and trust in its customers. It provides a detailed application process that can be managed online or on a call, and has live chat features for those times when you're stuck or need help figuring things out. The company is accredited by companies such as the Better Business Bureau and the National Association of Settlement Purchasers, and offers three different types of sale and payment options: selling all payments, selling a payment period, or selling a portion of each payment. Fairfield Funding has gone to great lengths to ensure that customers can find the information they need, when they need it.

The site offers a ton of connection options with customers, from live chat and calls to emails and online registration. You'll also find a lot of information on the site about structured settlement annuities, making it a great place to start if you don't know how the process works or what to expect. Strategic Capital is proud not to invest in advertising and to transfer those savings to the customer. The company manages structured settlement annuities, lottery winnings, and payments without charging additional fees or service charges. Strategic Capital also claims to make some of the best deals in the market, often suggesting that you get a second opinion before making the final decision. Peachtree Financial Solutions is a subsidiary of J, G.

Wentworth which adds gravitas to its offering and has one of the largest varieties in terms of structured settlement offering. You can receive payments for structured settlements, a variety of different annuities such as pensions and medical services, lottery, casino payments, deferred annuities, and financial annuities. If you've been in an accident, won or settled a lawsuit, or received a lottery payout, you may want to consider using one of these top-rated structured settlement annuity companies for your needs. They offer great customer service and competitive rates so you can get your money quickly and easily.